well.. here i am. back at writing. start to wonder again. building something again with more curiousity (i hope).

Why I mention it as a ‘recorder’? I just want to make a documentation of what I’ve learned using R. I do actually have my own offline documentation. But I think, if I made it online and available for everyone, who knows someone will get advantage from what I write in this site.

I’m actually Indonesian. But generally I’ll write here by using English. It’s not that I’m not nationalist what so ever, I just try to make it as global as it can be. To my fellow Indonesian, monggo kalo mau tanya-tanya pake Bahasa Indonesia.

I’m writing this website’s code in GitHub, and deploy it in Netlify. Still learning to optimize Netlify tho, since I read that Netlify has lot of features. While in my GitHub, not much you can see there, yet. Sometimes I like to fork some repo that interest me. May be you can get something from those repos.

That’s all about this site. Hope you guys enjoy your visit here! :D